What is Specialist Fertility Counselling?

Specialist Fertility Counselling can be a useful psychotherapeutic support as you undergo Fertility treatment. The psychological impact of undergoing Fertility Treatment is complex as it comes with its own unique stressors where uncertainty, hope, fear and anxiety can impact on your daily life. Specialist Fertility Counselling is for individuals and couples and can be undertaken at any point of your fertility journey. The role of the Specialist Fertility Counsellor is to listen and support you in a non – judgemental way. They are trained to create a confidential and safe space supporting you in processing and making sense of the uniqueness of your situation as well as helping you to gain perspective and resilience along the way.

What is Implications Counselling?

Implications Counselling is for anyone undergoing Donor Conception. It offers the opportunity for you (the couple or an individual) to you make an informed decision with regards to the implications of undergoing Donor Conception. The counselling session offers dedicated time for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and your relationships in order to reach a better understanding of the meaning and implications of any choice of action that you may decide to make. Implications counselling can support you as you undergo treatment and it may help you to accommodate feelings about the outcome of any treatment.

Who Can Help

If you are in need of support on your Fertility Treatment journey you can book an appointment with a Specialist Fertility Counsellor through the Irish Fertility Counsellors Association (IFCA) website. For more information about Donor Conception contact the Donor Conception Network.



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